Lecce is a city situated in the south of Italy, “on the heel of the boot”.

It is one of the most artistic Italian cities and thanks to its monuments in baroque style, it is also known as “the Florence of the South”. Lecce is not just a place to visit, but it is a place to live. It means that this city it is not just about being impressed by the amazing scenario of the Roman amphitheatre, Piazza Duomo, Santa Croce Basilica and so on; but it also and mainly means living the atmosphere created by the “warm attitude” of its citizens towards foreigners and the appeal of several bottlenecks strewn without any obvious logic in the city centre.

As all over Italy, living Lecce means also testing the typical dishes and wines of the region. In a metaphorical effort to define Lecce, it is not prosaic state that: “In the city centre of Lecce you can easily get lost, but sooner or later you will find your way out the maze and reach home, but in that moment you will realize that you are already at home”.

Nevertheless, Lecce it is “just” the diamond of the Crown; and the Crown is the “Salento Peninsula” which is the region around the city. Lecce, altogether with its Peninsula, is one of the most amazing places in Italy. Particularly during summer, Salento is The Place to be: from Gallipoli to Otranto, from Santa Maria di Leuca to Porto Cesareo, you will be dragged in a huge vortex made of the biggest night-events all over Italy and the magnificent seaside of both the Adriatic and Ionian coast. All of this, is made even more charming by the folkloristic notes of the typical pizzica music.