ESN SALENTO is a student society set up by Italian students to help all Erasmus students studying at the University of Salento. We have many students from within the European Union, in particular, Spain, Germany, France and Poland but also from other non- UE countries. We have official meetings every first Friday of the month in which we discuss problems that students might have and make plans for activities, excursions and events. Propositions are discussed and then put to the vote .
Through our activities we aim to make the students feel at home. We help them in dealing with telephone companies and searching for a flat, so that they may find accommodation according to their needs. We also help solve any difficulties the students may encounter.


A former activity that we have recently re-established is "TANDEM", a cultural- linguistic exchange between foreign students and Italian students via a series of meetings whereby they are able to learn about one another’s culture and language.


Our primary activity is to assist all students in finding suitable accommodation for the duration of their stay. Thanks to the agreement with the International Mobility Office of the University of Salento, we are able to provide temporary accommodation at a reduced rate whilst the students are searching for their long-term accommodation.


We also organise many different trips, mostly in Italy, which are affordable and open to everyone in the group.



Days in which the University receives the Erasmus students.



Furthermore we assist the students in finding the right SIM Card so that they are able to benefit from the advantages of being on the same phone network, for example, free SMS and free calls.

We also provide guidance regarding legal matters, such as rental contracts